Day 11: GS 1, GS 2, UP 1

GS 1

Role of Women in society and women’s organization, population and associated issues, poverty and developmental issues, urbanization, their problems and their remedies.

  1. Examine the relationship between urbanization and women’s roles in society. How has rapid urbanization influenced women’s economic and social status in India? (200 words)
  2. Urbanization is often accompanied by a range of social, environmental, and economic problems. Discuss these issues in the context of Indian cities. What remedies can be proposed? (200 words)

GS 2

Salient features of the Representation of People’s Act.

  1. Describe the role of the Representation of People’s Act in maintaining the sanctity of the electoral process in India. Highlight any potential areas for improvement or reform in the act. (200 words)
  2. Discuss the provisions related to the Model Code of Conduct under the Representation of People’s Act, 1951. How effective are these provisions in ensuring a free and fair election in India? (200 words)

UP 1

  1. Assess the powers, functions, and responsibilities of the State Election Commission of Uttar Pradesh in conducting free and fair elections.(125 words)
  2. Analyze the significance of the Panchayati Raj system in Uttar Pradesh. Discuss the challenges faced by Panchayati Raj institutions and suggest measures for their effective functioning.(200 words)

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